Monday, April 24, 2006

Lunch at Bukit Jelutong

On sunday 23 April 2006, another gathering of ex-PSC members and a few still serving PSC members over lunch was held at Dato' Sri Nusa's house. One subject-matter which keeps cropping up is what's the progress of our earlier proposal to have the ex-members being given the opportunity to sit as Panelists on part-time basis. Unfortunately such a proposal doesn't rank high on the priority list of their agenda in whatever forum of the Commission. Inevitably those whose term are not coming to a close are not that interested in getting a decision, unlike us who have been waiting for something to happen. As I have pointed out at the farewell for the group who finished their term together with me, it's the comradeship that we look forward, which have been established over the five year period amongst us like Datuk Ishak, Datuk Jaafar, Tn. Haji Darus, Datuk Ti & Others. It would be a bonus if we could continue the spirit of close comradeship which we nurtured during our term as members of the Commission. One of the reason perhaps of my sleeping disorder was this suppressed anger of not getting a definitive answer on that proposal which had been left on a limbo. I supplicate to Allah Almighty that our hopes will not be in vain, InshaAllah.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alhamdulillah, All Praise only to ALLAH

One of the greatest blessing which we often take for granted amongst scores of others is the ability to get a good sleep. My sleeplessness put me on the edges for five weeks and I supplicate for ALLAH's help to bestow me that blessing of being able to sleep soundly. I have been doing all that I could to restore my sleep by going to Cikgu Nasir in Bangi for the invocations and " Ayer Tawar", reciting the Quran, solat hajat and tahajjud and bathing in water which has boiled " Daun Bedara" taken by my cousin's wife Azizah from the compound of a surau near his house. Even Khalil gave me " Ayer Tawar" made by his cousin. Alhamdulillah, with God's Will, I managed to get my sleeping pattern in order again. All this goes to show that when you are deprived of the most simple thing which you take for granted, then you learn to value it. Just like the Peace and Freedom which many in this country just take for granted. Well, today I was supposed to join Dato' Ishak meeting up Hj. Anuar perhaps for lunch, unfortunately Tn. Hj. Anuar had gone back to Kuching yesterday evening. He said maybe we'll catch up with him again in August when he turn up for his IJN appointment. Riduan also rang me up to find out about my sleeping problem and relieved to know that I am back on track. He said I should meet up with the other retirees and have tea sessions with them once in a while. I told him that's what I intend to do, InshaAllah.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eye opener

Last night we had a prayer session in Ayah's house attended by close family members and led by Ustaz Jamsari who is the family's Quranic teacher for many young nephews and nieces. The prayer started with Maghrib, then followed by Tahlil, Ishak and Solat sunat hajat. For the past several weeks Ayah's behavioural change has been very marked and caused a deep concern amongst all his children and their spouses. All efforts have been put in either through home nursing provider by one Yacob Abdul Rahman Scholer and also the spiritual healer Abdul Aziz, my wife's cousin. A scan's result is also being awaited. In short , where ageing process is concerned there are many imponderables and this is an eye opener for all of us. It's a reality check, because we take ageing as a natural thing, not until the person whom you love and respect begins to show a deterioration in memory and demonstrate not his character. Allah is Most Great.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My first start

I am most thankful to my daughter, Nurul Husna who's idea created this blog for me to pen my thoughts as a consequence of my condition in having a problem of sleeplessness for more than a week already. Fortunately I could get some sleep last night and felt rested. The doctor whom I regularly visit once in two months said that I am having symptoms of depression since my appetite is also decreasing and I have lost some weight too. There could be a combination of factors contributing to this problem, some known and unknown. But I am trying to get out of it with the help of my family who has been the source of my strength. I am not going to allow negative thoughts to prevail which is detrimental to my health. I pray to ALLAH for the strength and Blessings towards the road to recovery. InshaAllah I'll be able to back to good health.

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