Saturday, October 13, 2012


Angel Izrail

Shall come when your time is up

There is no notice

I must be prepared

To face the finality

Dressed in a white shroud

And to be lowered

To a final resting place

And resurrection

This is in response to Haiku Heights #191-Shroud.

Many avoid mentioning the final journey that awaits our exit from this mundane life, but it is inevitable. I still remember my late father's final journey on the 11th of May 2011 to be laid to rest at the Makam Tuan Hj Said in Seremban and may his soul be placed together with those who are pious, Ameen.

Friday, October 05, 2012


                                           At Home with Family

My World is the home

Where the Family converges

For togetherness

Allah I thank thee

For giving me the comfort

The pleasure and joy

Without which I find

The meaning of life is none

Home where the heart is

Haiku heights prompt for the 1st week of October is "Home".

The solace and peace that a home provides is one of the greatest Blessings from Allah. What more with good neighbours and security, home is happiness.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


                                                    Ayra, my grandaughter
                                   just over 3 weeks old

For Nurul first baby

Motherhood, the pain and joy

 Jalil the father

Time for confinement

Mother is around to help

Allah is her strength

It may seem petty

It is the dedication

Our flesh and blood

Motherhood is the true reflection of care and sacrifice that every woman goes through whenever a child is born. The care and support from the Family to sail through the confinement period safely is another vital step for the health and happiness of the mother. Indeed, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah,Nasimah my wife and Nurul's mother is around to lend that much needed care.

Monday, October 01, 2012


                                   Changing the Guards

Standing at the Post

Keeping watch on those coming

In and out of here

He must be alert

To watch for any trouble

Day and Night to Guard

For our Safety

There must be no compromise

On Security

In early August this year we had to engage a new security provider to man our neighborhood security after the previous one ended its contract. Since a few incidents of breach of security took place,we have to be more strict in enforcing the entry and exits of people coming in and out day and night. Like it or not, we have to hire the guards from Nepal who are reliable and effective. Security cannot be taken for granted.