Friday, May 25, 2012

Neighbourhood Security

For the past several days there have been a spate of incidents in my neighbourhood that raised the concerns of many about the efficacy of our security guards.
My neighbour whose house is directly opposite mine was broken into at 8.15 pm and the son who was at home was tied and forced to open the safe and the contents were looted. Only the maids and his grandmother were at home while the parents and his wife were not at home.
The resident's association of my neighbourhood had put a security system to prevent untoward incidents such as snatch thefts and house breaking since September 2010 after several incidents of snatch thefts and house breaking were reported.
We had a change of the security service provider when it was found that some guards were under performing as it is difficult to get good ones at the rate we are paying. High performing security providers normally do not cater residential areas and the cost would have been beyond our means. Nevertheless, the security situation have improved since the system have been installed.
The problem has always been to find a balance of implementing a system that entails the closure of the many entrances and exits and the ease of traffic flow since we have a school in the neighbourhood. And not all are paying the monthly fees.
Now since the recent increase in security lapses we are going to implement a system that restricts entry and exit only through one gate and the rest will be closed. It is going to cause inconveniences to visitors and residents, but it is a small price to pay to ensure security.