Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mohd. Suhaimi My Cousin

                                           Mohd.Suhaimi(extreme right)

In one of my earlier postings more than a year ago, I mentioned about my cousin Suhaimi whom I had lost contact for several years since I last met him in person in 2005. Last December he went to meet my cousin Rohani who was then visiting her son who worked in London, after meeting Azizi her husband at the Malaysia Hall a couple of time.
I was informed by Azizi that after one Friday prayer, he was having lunch at the cafeteria in Malaysia Hall and he saw Suhaimi sitting at the opposite table. He approached him and introduced himself and then had a long chat with him. Fortunately Suhaimi could recognise him immediately when he mentioned his name, even though they seldom see each other and the last time he met him was in the seventies.
Prior to Azizi and Rohani's flight to London, I asked them to look out for Suhaimi and the best place was Malaysia Hall where he normally goes for Friday prayers.
Suhaimi spend several hours at Azril's place near London where Rohani and Azizi was putting up and it was a long update of relatives who had passed away and those cousins and nephews and nieces who got married. The good news that I got from the meeting was that Suhaimi is well and he is making an effort to sort out his personal matters before he could decide to come home or not.
After a long absence and silence, I managed to get his reply from my email enquiring about his situation. After getting some information with regard to his EPF and other matters, I advised him to engage a law firm to clear up the problems because as long as they are not settled, his passport cannot be renewed. His most recent email to me seemed to indicate that his efforts in contacting the parties involved in clearing up his problem with met with little success. However I have given him a contact number of a lawyer who is a nephew of a neighbour so that he could pursue the matter in a more orderly manner. I hope he could shed some light at the end of the tunnel and with perseverance Suhaimi should be able to renew his passport to enable him to come home after a very long absence of about 15 years.