Monday, March 23, 2009

Plodding the Blog

I have been laying off writing my blog for quite some time and I have no excuses for that. It's just that I am busy with other things in preparation for my trip overseas. My daughter Nurul is in the Hague for a short stint and my wife and I would be joining her in less that a fortnight, InshaALLAH.

Since I am not a seasoned traveller anymore, I have to plan very carefully not to bring along unnecessary stuff so that I would keep within the allowable check-in baggage since I am travelling economy. I have to balance the need to keep myself warm and the practicality of living like a nomad in a foreign country where the temperatures are obviously much lower than in the equator.

Being someone used to the comfort zone of my house, I have to get used to living on a less than what I am used to either in terms of food and the like. So please pardon me for my long silence as I plod along in my blog.