Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Interruption

I have no excuses for the interruption of my blog for quite sometime since my last posting, perhaps due to loss of steam. I must take all the rap for being plain lazy to continue the journey from Vienna to Prague. At first I just wanted to post the photographs but somehow got them in a juxtaposition which just did not make sense, so I aborted it.

Now I would like to continue with what's happening yesterday at our breakfast meeting of the Class of '64 at the KGNS. Although we came up with the idea of having this meeting after attending the Tahlil at the Penthouse of the OPA Building near Saujana Resort, I told Hamzah that it's not the number that mattered but the spirit does. And so we fixed the thursday of 25 June to have our breakfast meeting at the KGNS of which I am not a member. So it means I cannot sign any orders and only members of good standing can sign the bills.

So this time it's Zawawi Mahmuddin who is willing to pick up the tab, and as usual I asked for a ride to the place since my house is just on the way to KGNS. I was expecting Mohd. Noor Harun to pick me but it turned out the good samaritan Hamzah appearing at the appointed time and then we had to fetch Akbar at the Taman Bahagia LRT Station. Finally we arrived almost one hour after Zawawi.

I was expecting the breakfast meeting to last at the most for about two hours, but lo and behold it dragged on almost to 2.00 pm with the next one scheduled in Seremban sometime in October. Apart from listening to the " War Stories " of the Budak Boy days in College, we updated ourselves on our health, because it's the most precious asset that we treasured most next to our beloved families. I suppose when have another Class of '64 gathering on the cruise vessel belonging to one of our classmate, we are going to talk about the same things again, but never mind, as long as they are around, these stories will never get stale. As the potential owner of the vessel said, he wanted to see if the same number remains.