Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Winter of '78

It seemed that it was just only yesterday

We were staying down Whitehall Road at Penn Furnace

The courtesy of an old retired farmer

Giving my family a temporary stay

In his duplex overlooking the sprawling farm

I remember trying the ski in Winter '78

And my son trying the sledge near his garage

My classes were just beginning to start

And the snow covered mountains was such a beautiful sight.

Inspired by Magpie #44

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Teethering Poem

  • My mentor in poetry says that my first poem is a stanza. The last person who mentioned this term was my literature master Mr. P.D. Bond when I was in FMC. He was a brilliant teacher and when he taught us poetry he dramatise it to the point of enchanting the whole class in awe as he described in detail the symbols, allusions and imageries.

    The Dragonfly

    As the dew melts

    As the sun rises on the horizon

    I love to see the dragonfly perched on the twig

    It reminds me of my childhood

    Where in the early hour of the morning

    I walked to the clear stream

    For then the innocence of childhood

    In a village, serene and peaceful

    I came across the dragonfly on the bank