Friday, September 16, 2011

Giving Haiku A Try

A few days ago, my dear friend who went with me to the OPA Penthouse last buka Puasa whom we call Hank (after Hank Marvin) called to impress upon me to try writing poems again. I tried writing a few poems before also with him encouraging me, but I stopped after I was preoccupied with attending to my late father then in Seremban.
Knowing how difficult to start again in writing poems, he suggested that I try Haiku which is a very short Japanese poem consisting only three lines So here is my first response to Hank's persistent urgings:-
I welcome the morning sunshine
With a bright soothing ray
And pretty butterflies flitting in the garden
From my readings on Haiku which Hank asked me to search on Google, I find it more complicated compared to writing it. But one thing which I register well is that it is closely intertwined with our observation of nature around us, and that is what I have attempted.