Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our Session with Dr.A. Wahab Ali on Sunday 27 March 2016

Today, which is a Sunday 27 March 2016 is quite an ordinary day, except that I have decided to continue writing in my blog which I had more or less kept in the cold storage for a long time. 
          It started with the comment from one Dr.Hafiz Ali in one of my previous posting about the Tambusai line which he believed could also been with his forefathers who originated from Ampangan, Seremban, then migrated to Kampong Bangi, in Selangor. So I decided to meet up with his brother, A.Wahab Ali, a well known writer amongst the Malay literary circle as my memory could tell me. So today, I managed to keep up the appointment to visit him at his house in Kampung Tunku together with my cousin Mohd. Basri Hamzah @ Ridzuan. Dr. Hafiz Ali was also present. His brother Abdul Latiff Ali who served the Education Ministry together with me in the 70's-80's could not make it as he was in Lombok.
             We spent about two hours, trying to figure out how the Tambusai community found its way to Bangi, the original Kampung, not the newly created University town, Bandar Baru Bangi. I found out that some names which he mentioned are also our relatives who had passed away. What a surprise, and it seemed A.Wahab Ali's grandfather came from the same place as our grandfather. With this discovery, I hope to open up more avenues for research into the larger scope of the Tambusai community and their relationship with our past history in Peninsular Malaysia. Over to you cousin Mohd. Basri Hamzah, who is now the President of our family association, known as BERKAT, to open up the vista. May ALLAH Bless.

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