Sunday, May 26, 2013

London's pull

This is the time when many Malaysians flock to London as the weather is getting more bearable for those who are used to the hot and wet weather of the equatorial climate. My dear friend Azudin has been in London for two months, spending his time cycling from his apartment in Finchley to West End whenever the weather permits. I have been following his whereabouts which he dutifully posted on his Facebook with all the pictures. He seemed to want to stay longer in London.
           My cousin Suhaimi who has been living in London for many many years seemed to be reluctant to return,perhaps the pull of London is much more stronger than home. My cousin's son, Azrai Abdullah Azizi too is holidaying with his family in London now, and he used to work there before, where his daughter Portia was born. It seemed London is a second home to most Malaysians who can afford it. After all, it is not that bad to have been a colony of Great Britain.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Education, everyone's cup of tea

One portfolio which has been looked upon as highly important is Education, because it involve's the interest of every citizen. On the latest Cabinet line-up, it has been merged with Higher Education, probably to make it more streamlined with all levels from pre-education to tertiary education.
                       However, in terms of effectiveness, it remains to be seen. The rationale for the creation of the Ministry of Higher Education was to have a better focus on the development of tertiary education,especially with the increase of private tertiary institutions which mushroomed to proportions never imagined by the country before. It was in line with the goal of making the country the hub for tertiary education. I suppose now the emphasis is now less, because the multiplication of tertiary institutions without effective control on quality and type of students which they try to attract have not seen the desired results.
                      Now with the merger, we hope that our aim to upgrade the quality and make our tertiary institutions amongst the best in the world will remain steadfast and not be relegated to something less important.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Post GE 13

It is all over
The result is loud and clear
Change is what they want

For now close all rank
We must accept the outcome
Nation must survive

Winners must not gloat
Losers must be gentlemen
Harmony prevail