Friday, January 30, 2009

The Burial Plot

Last thursday I was at the Tanah Perkuburan Kampong Tunku, attending the burial rites of my sister's " Besan " who passed away after being in a coma for more than a month in Hospital Serdang. He was a happy go lucky fellow and seemed to me as a good man for I knew him only about a year. He just moved into his new house in Bukit Mahkota off the North South highway southbound not far from Bangi.

But when he died he was brought to his old house which he still maintained near Malaysian Oxygen in Petaling Jaya. His remains was brought back to the house just about maghrib prayer time on wednesday evening and it was raining. I went back home for prayer and then came back again for the tahlil after isyak. I came home almost by midnight, promising his son that I would come for the solat jenazah next day.

At about 9.45 am on thursday 29 January 2009, I arrived at 29 Jalan 239/51A in PJ and there was a large crowd as the late Allahyarham Mohd. Noor was an employee with MBPJ. It was quite fortunate that he was brought back to the old house, since the people there mostly knew him but not at his new place. At about an hour later he was brought to the nearby mosque for the solat jenazah. There were no less than a hundred people performing the solat and after it was completed his jenazah was driven to the nearby tanah perkuburan Kampong Tunku. Allahyarham was fortunate again that he's an employee of MBPJ, for it was only with the special permission of the PJ Mayor that he was allowed to be buried there since it has been closed. When the jenazah arrived at the tanah perkuburan, the grave was still being dug. While waiting for the grave to be ready, I sat nearby and saw that there were a number of spaces being reserved for VIP's who booked the burial plots, as told to me by one of the person who worked for the MBPJ. I thought burial plots do not have a VIP tag, but I was wrong. Anyway from what I learned, only ALLAH shall determine where one's burial plot would be. Wallahuwa'lam.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Gaza Massacre

At first I do not want to comment about the Gaza massacre. It's just revolting and I thought such barabaric atrocities is an anachronism in the new milennium. No sane person would say that Israel is right in defending itself. Only mad dogs does. It's beyond comprehension and downright barbaric.

But as Ayatollah Khomeini once said US is the " Greatest Satan " of the world, and he had proven it innumerable times. How could a civilised nation be so insensitive and sadistic to say the least. No wonder USA is the favourite target. With it's complicity in the Gaza invasion and it's pounding of the helpless people, it deserves to be bedevilled further by terrorists.

No wonder we find the verses in the Holy Quran confirming that Jews are the accursed people in this world and they deserved the Holocaust. The promise of ALLAH is true, that there will be a time when even the tree behind which the Jew hides will tell his enemy where to find him and so will they pay for such crimes.