Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ramadhan's Miracle

A Profound Blessing
Holy month of Ramadhan
Multiple Rewards

It comes once a year
In it a night of miracle
Quest of a lifetime

Invoke His Pleasure
Not to waste such a great offer
Worth a thousand months

             It is only found in one of the last ten nights of Ramadhan, known as "Laylatul- Qadar" one of Ramadhan's miracles which is better than a thousand months. Blessed are those who are able to stay up in prayer and be endowed with the equivalent reward of a thousand months.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Final Phase of Ramadhan, 1434 Hijriah

How time flies! Now we have come to the final phase of Ramadhan in 1434 Hijriah. This last leg of Ramadhan is the most significant for Believers, where we are promised the reward that we are saved from Hellfire. The first ten nights if we perform the obligatory and voluntary prayers diligently, we are promised Allah's "Rahmah" ( Blessings), the second ten nights we are promised the granting of Allah's Mercy by pardoning our sins and lastly saving the faithfuls from the worst dwelling place in Hereafter.
                       For those who have fulfilled their Ramadhan with the performance of their obligations of not just refraining from eating and drinking but from committing sins conciously  or otherwise and doing things which are forbidden or neglecting the obligatory performance of prayers in the daily life of a Believer then how they wished the whole year is bestowed with the likes of Ramadhan and the end of Ramadhan is most regretted. The "pahala" from doing good such as giving alms and contributing to charity and in service of mankind particularly the needy and the poor is multiplied by 700 times more than in other months. Above all is the meeting of "Lailatul Qadar " or the night which occurs in one of the nights during the last ten nights of Ramadhan. There had been accounts of those who were able to meet that special night which is better than a thousand months, such as being able to see the tops of trees kissing the ground as if in prayer to Allah or coming across water drawn from the well which turned into ice.
          Whatever stories that have been told about "Lailatul Qadar", the most significant thing to do is be consistent in performing the nightly prayers or "Terawih" and reciting the Al-Quran or doing the "Iktikaf" (meditation in the Mosque for most of the day after the dawn prayer) for the last ten days of Ramadhan. Then Allah will confer upon the faithfuls what is due to each and everyone who does all the prayers and other good things purely for the sake of Allah, Amin. Last but not least, pray that another Ramadhan shall await the faithfuls in 1435 H.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ramadhan's Blessing for me.

It is common knowledge that Ramadhan is the most Blessed month in the Muslim calendar as evidenced by the extraordinary rewards and bounty promised by Allah for the faithfuls in the Hereafter. But for me the proof of that Blessing is that I am able to regain my sleeping pattern which had been upset for a couple of months.
                       This is not my first bout of insomnia, but if my memory is correct, this is my third. But somehow I had been able to recover from it not by medication but more on the supplication to Allah's Mercies and Compassion through prayers and consistently reciting the verses which the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) taught to the Companions who suffered from the same problem. Thus it my living experience of welcoming Ramadhan by being back on track and now to do the utmost for the Qiam (night prayers) which should gain momentum at the last ten nights of Ramadhan where the faithfuls look forward to meet the night of Al-Qadar which is better than a thousand months or its equivalent of approximately 82 years.