Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Land of Nine States

                                      Map of Negeri Sembilan

Land of the Adat
Let children die not adat
That famous maxim

A unique system
Where women has the last say
Custom rules the men

From Minangkabau
The Yamtuan beckons
On invitation

The Four Lawgivers
Hold the power to appoint
The Ruler to reign

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Tuesday twenty six
We were at KLIA
To send off Nurul

Nurul and Ayra
Moving across the causeway
New experience

Jalil takes new job
Covers Asean region
More challenge and scope

May Allah protect
We shall miss you all so much
Take care and be safe

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lost in PJ

                                    With Bakar who is in Black Songkok

Bakar, a cousin
Went out on Tuesday morning
And he went missing

The search was mounted
The police with their k9
The scent fade away

Then on Wednesday
He was seen near Assunta
They rushed to the place

But he was not there
They scoured the nearby area
Found him near the mosque

That  is dementia
The memory is like blank
Allah protect him

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Enigmatic Suhaimi

                                     Suhaimi Jaafar @ Sam
                                    Suhaimi Jaafar @ Sam last Hari Raya
                                    function at Mara House, London.
Suhaimi Jaafar @ Sam with Dr.Asri Zainal Abidin
                                    Suhaimi Jaafar @ Sam with Azudin O Fuad
                                   at Malaysia Hall London in 2012.

                 The enigmatic
                 Cousin Suhaimi@ Sam
                 Long lost in London

                With Azudin's help
                 Rendezvous on a Friday
                 At Malaysia Hall

               He looked fine and well
               May Allah opens his heart
               To settle his dues

Monday, March 18, 2013

Zaharin,Zariff and Nissa

                                    Top picture: Zaharin, Nissa and Zariff
                                    Below: Maghry

My three grandchildren
Zaharin, Nissa,Zariff
My loveable three

Nissa phoned today
While on her way to the school
In her Dad's car

Is Maghry inside
She enquired about the cat
An amusing start


                    Author:Thomas Bresson

  Source: Wikimedia Commons

                      It was last Tuesday
              When thunder and lightning struck
              The electric trips
              With deafening sound
              Followed by power outage
              Then the count begins
              The appliances
              The surge has taken its toll
              Repairs punched a hole

Saturday, March 16, 2013

General Election

                                              2008 General Election

It is in the air
Election fever is brewing
With buntings and flags

Most of the people
Are busy with life's struggle
For bread and butter

To govern means trust
Not self-serving or glory
But justice for all

The fight will be keen
Candidates must keep their cool
Or else go fly kite

Cast your vote wisely
Be guided by your conscience
Not by dollars sense

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Flag

                                         Malaysian Flag

Our honour, the flag

Testy times on eastern front

Defend our border

Too lax in the past

They came in and out easy

Now it exploded

It is rather sad

Precious lives put on the line

Wake up call is now

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


         Ayra, six months old

         Much like the mother, Nurul

         A close reflection

        Ayra is lucky

       Nurul is able to care

       With loving tender

       When Nurul was baby

        We left her to Kak Mus hands

        The trusted helper

        She too came that day

        To wish them the best of luck

        On their island move

In response to my friend's request, I am posting this in the hope that I would not hibernate too many a time.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ayra is Six months old today

                                            Ayra and her dad, Abdul Jalil

Today, which is a Monday 11 March, my grand-daughter Ayra is six-months old. On Saturday, 02 March 2012 a " Doa Selamat " (Thanksgiving prayer) was done at my home to supplicate for Allah's Blessings on the pending relocation of my daughter Nurul, my grand-daughter Ayra and Jalil my son-in-law to Singapore upon Jalil's moving to a new job there. This week they are there having a look at the apartments where they are going to move in by next month. Insha Allah they will have a good place to stay.