Friday, March 09, 2012

SBPA - The Emperor's New Clothes

                                          The Jubilant news of SBPA's being scrapped

The bombshell news that was announced at the grand PICC in Putrajaya by the PM on the abolishment of the new remuneration scheme which came into being on 01 January 2012 was welcomed by many in the Public service as shown above. After all the hard work put in by the team in PSD for the past two years,everything went down the drain. It was not their fault, but it is a reflection of the quality of leadership at the top which is in question.
Under normal circumstances, any new scheme which was to be implemented should have been thrashed with all the stakeholders,especially the public service unions,especially the umbrella body, CUEPACS. However, this time around it was CUEPACS who objected the loudest and it seemed that they were not well informed of the implications.
Going by past practice, the nitty gritty would have been solved at the various rounds of meetings with the unions and only after making sure of their support, would the scheme be put before the Cabinet Committee for endorsement.
Most probably owing to circumstances beyond the control of PSD, there was no time to point out that the Emperor had no clothes. Thus it ended in a tragedy for the poor top leadership in the Civil Service. But never mind, at least a lesson has been well learned, that in future there must be someone who should shout that the Emperor had no clothes.